Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Real Kickback

Kickbacks have two definitions - one usually considered negative and one positive. The negative connotation is receiving a financial reward from a decision that favors a person, group, company or organization. Most often this is a crime committed by a politician or civil servant. But a positive kickback is when you get a chance to sit-back, relax, reflect and care for yourself.

Remember to kickback in a positive way as we flow into the Holiday season and march into 2011. Stressing out over food, gifts, money, what we don't have, who we don't have is really nothing more than punishing yourself. Kickback, relax, enjoy the mood of the season. Be thankful for what you do have and how blessed you are. Remind yourself of how great you really are whether you have a gift or not. You are a gift. Take care of yourself and you will feel much better.

Join me. I am sitting back crossing my feet now.

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